1. Referral

A valid referral from a General Practitioner or a Specialist is required for your child to see a specialist at PSC.

If a valid referral is not available at the time of the consultation, a Medicare rebate cannot be processed.

2. Fees

An affordable fee structure is maintained.

The consultation fees vary, depending on the specialist you see and your child’s needs. The reception staff will be able to explain the applicable fees and rebates to you.

3. Documentation for appointment

Please bring results of any recent blood tests, X-rays or scans; copies of correspondence from previous specialists; educational or academic assessments relevant to the issues to be discussed at the consultation.

4. Can I come by myself?

Your child will be required to be present at the consultation. However, the first consultation is often 45 minutes or more and if you feel your child may become restless and unhappy, then it may be advisable to bring a second adult familiar to the child who can look after the child while you talk to the specialist.

5. Will I receive a diagnosis and medication for my child at the end of the first consultation?

This will often be the case but for complex behavioral issues, ADHD, Autism, learning difficulties, etc., a second appointment may be required to obtain further information.

Initial assessment for Autism will always require two long appointments, preferably within a few days of each other.

6. Mode of payment

Payment will be required at the time of consultation. We accept cash, EFTPOS, Visa, and Master Card.

7. Medicare Rebate

The Medicare rebate applicable to the consultation fee for your child can usually be processed immediately after the consultation. You will require a debit (EFTPOS) card or a credit card linked to a savings or cheque account for this purpose.

8. Private Health Insurance

Private health funds usually do not cover consultation fees for doctors and specialists. Therapy sessions (speech pathology, psychology, etc) costs may be claimable, depending upon the health fund and the level of cover.

9. Out of Home Care Children

The arrangements for appointments and consultation fees are different for children in Out of Home Care. The higher fees reflect their complex presentations, the requirement for liaison with multiple carers/case workers and increased documentation.

Different arrangements are also applicable for children who have an outside agency such as FACS involved in their care and for children whose appointments are made by adults other than their parents.

10. Cancellation Fees

We have a strict cancellation policy for appointments not canceled at least 48 hours before the time of appointment. In these cases, often a cancellation fee of $50 ($100 for a long appointment) and or prepayment for the next appointment will be required. We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee up to the amount payable had the appointment been attended.

No Medicare rebate is available for appointments not attended.